My very first cash earned through the Internet was a big surprise for me. Formerly, all of the time the World Wide Web a center of entertainment rather than a means of creating a profit, so the offer of a friend to combine the pleasant with useful took with a reasonable share of disbelief. But nobody demanded the initial investment rather than to try this leadership appeared to me irrational. I loved to write since childhood, supporting a fiction of subject outlines company was not necessary for a very long time was considered among the acquaintances by the person odd and the large fantasist. Service of understanding of the plans on copyright, such had the title the given type of Internet action, picked household ministry, weighing against and for, discovering new and new debates.

 Hi, my name is Viktoriya. I am 34 years of age. I'm a copywriter, you can find more of my articles at I graduated with honors in the university.

 The very first traces of this order were imperfect, as well as the responsibility pressed, along with the unwillingness to appear narrow and unsuccessful drove the thought into such a frame the thirst for imagination practically ceased to exist. Printed and provided material left to be desired, however a tingling feeling of awkwardness was conquered by an outburst of willpower. Three days passed as one plus it occurred: in the corner of my accounts page my legally earned ten cents was flaunting. A strange monster, a peculiar guy, settled for something little yesterday, and today he's currently making cosmic promises to reside. So, it occurred to me: the second article was a failure in all respects and it is not possible to say that intuitively I didn't feel exactly the identical outcome. Self-confidence is damaging if it is superfluous and does not allow us to summarize the results based on marginal worldviews, but, thank God, there comes the sobering encounter of the first errors, which deeply melts from the memory and doesn't permit them to repeat themselves.

 How are words born? The way to locate such expressions, that could be remarkably accurate to convey the significance and would be totally clear to the goal category of subscribers? How to select the perfect tone and emphasis? These would be the main, foundation questions of copyright, the response to which may be hopeful of successful functioning of the endeavor of the customer. Filigree formulations are occasionally born in torments, and the foreigner comes by suggestion as if a unexpectedly awakened angel of literature, touching the forehead of the author with his cold palm, eliminated the odd and unnecessary combinations of phrases. Together with the era of such illuminations, it becomes less and less, since intellect and expertise always withstand the event. That's why journalism is the destiny of the young generation.

 The joy of knowing that your job is incomparable to nothing. As soon as I printed ironic cases in my entire life experience, and the webmaster took two of them, I wished to only fly to the tails of the dream. Happiness is when someone needs you. Pleasure is when you're in demand. The disadvantage of this - frailty and oblivion. But beneath the lying stone water doesn't flow and therefore it is simply required to create. At not writing anywhere, at least for no reason, without any reward for their job. The maturation of thoughts and perspective of believing is the objective of any human culture in whatever indicators it's quantified, along with the output signal of copywriting with a positive balance will not wait, even if the writer doesn't have a material reward within itself, but merely a way to accomplish professionalism.